Contractor Expenses

You know you should claim all the contractor expenses you’re entitled to. But, how well do you do this? Honestly, do you really know everything you can claim for – and claim it? When you’re working hard as a contractor it’s easy to overlook expenses – and it all adds up.

Whether yours are IT contracting expenses or incurred during otherfreelancing, we can help you make the most of allowable expenses. Just as we already do for your contracting peers, we’ll make the business expenses side of contractingstraightforward – while you concentrate on what you do best.

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More about contractor expenses

Making the most of legitimate contractors’ expenses while staying legal means walking a tricky tightrope – and more than just ‘knowing how to claim expenses’. If you’re working as a contractor, here are some areas where poor information or advice could affect your wallet – or get you into trouble:

  • Charging expenses back to clients
  • General contractor travel expenses
  • Claiming expenses for training
  • Meal allowances and contractor expenses
  • Correct documentation of contractor expense claims
  • Knowing how to claim VAT back and charge VAT to clients

Then there’s the notorious 24-month rule that, since1998, has allowedclaims for travel to and from place of work as well as whileperforming your duties.As any contracting guide should confirm, HMRC travel expenses rules can be challenging at the best of times, but especially with the 24-month rule’s ‘40% rule’ and ‘temporary workplace test’. You wouldn’t be the first contractor to hit trouble trying to manage expenses alone. Wouldn’t you rather focus on contracting work while knowing you’ve had reliable advice andyour expenses management is insafe hands?

Take the first step to taming your contractor expenses

Whether you’re in IT contracting or another field, ourcontractor accountants have years of experience; they make it simple to reclaim everything contractors are entitled to.

The sooner you contact us the sooner we can do the same for you – and put money back in your pocket!

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