IR35 Advice

As contractor accountants, we can free you from worries about the dreaded IR35.

Do you provide clients with contracting services without being paid as an employee? If so, do you use a limited company structure as an intermediary? If you do, you may be at risk of falling foul of IR35 – HMRC’s infamous Intermediaries Legislation. It’s the bane of many contractors’ lives, but it needn’t be…

Whether you’re an IT contractor or doing other contracting, if you’re concerned about falling inside IR35 we can help. So you can get on with what you do best – making money as a professional contractor.

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More about contractor accounts and IR35

Want to be sure you’re safe from HMRC’s unwanted attentions?

Whether you’ve just entered contracting from employment, or you’re aseasoned freelancer, IR35 and the business entity tests introduced in 2012 present an unwanted diversion from your business. If you recently left an employer and are returning as a contractor you could fall foul of what is called disguised employment. At best, it’s a nagging worry – at worst, an infringement that could endin court. Now imagine being confident that you won’t fall foul of IR35’s vagaries…

Another good reason to use an IT contractor accountant

The fact is that this poorly-written piece of legislation is an ever-present part of UK contracting life. All the more reason to use our skills and experience as IT contractor accountants to help you understand the contingent risk and keep you out of trouble. As your accountants this is an important part of the services we provide within our competitive fixed fee.

Will you leave yourself at the mercy of HMRC and IR35 – or enjoy the priceless reassurance that we’ve taken care of everything for you?

Take the first step to freedom from IR35

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